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Four of the workshops that Brad presents are:
The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters 
Become a Master Leader
Optimal EQ: Developing and Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

“Brad McRae is a Master Teacher.  In North America, he is one of the best at teaching “win-win” negotiating skills.”


Miriam Carver, President

The Carver Institute, Montreal






Resources by Dr. Brad McRae, CSP

Leaders have the profound opportunity, that by dent of their vision, their perseverance and their character, they can touch a life and make the world a better place. ~ Brad McRae




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Tipping Point Leadership

There are no permanent enemies or allies,

only permanent interests

Leaders as Champions

Rhyming, Mantras and Parallel Construction

Trust is the Foundation of All Relationships

How Master Negotiators Ask High-Yield Questions